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About Us

Who Are We?

African Communities Movement Foundation (ACMF) is a not-for-profit — Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It was founded in 2019 as a Community Based Organization and is legally incorporated and registered under the laws of the Government of South Africa.

African Communities Movement Foundation partners with organizations to help meet basic needs of the population in Africa with a focus on communities which are home to some of the world’s most economically vulnerable persons.

This work includes providing education, food, security, nutrition, medical care, socio-economic empowerment, psycho-social support and capacity building. We are passionate about creating positive change in our communities.

The organization believes in the inherent potential in human beings that we ensure effective delivery of health, nutrition, education and social services as vehicles of social change.

Most children from surrounding high density suburbs and informal settlements are exposed to crammed living conditions, (indecent accommodation), poor sanitary conditions, inadequate food and rampant drug and alcohol abuse. The majority of these children are orphaned and vulnerable living in single parent headed, grandparent headed or child headed households.

Our community development aim at addressing historical imbalances through collective empowerment, facilitating processes that help the poor, vulnerable and marginalized to regain control over their lives.


African Communities Movement (ACMF) is registered with the Department of Social

Development with registration number 225 - 421 – NPO and also registered as a public benefit organization with SARS registration number 2019/062371/08.